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This website is dedicated to the
research of Dr. Alexandra Lesk

who is a classical archaeologist
with expertise in ancient art
architecture, especially Athenian.

She has worked in Greece, Italy and Turkey,
and lives with her husband and two children
in Vancouver, Canada.

Alexandra is also archeaological advisor
to the international team that is now
developing a broadcast series, visit:



Cornell Halai and East Lokris Project
Mary Beard. A Don's Life

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Recent News

Erechtheion Pilot Programme.

Dr Alexandra Lesk has completed a six minute
pilot programme that is an overview of the
eventual broadcast content.


a wiki set up to provide you with
the AutoCAD templates, examples and files
created during the research into the

Alex and Paul have recently published the
third and final article in the series for the
CSA Newsletter on the computer modelling
of the Erechtheion.